With a job in one of our companies, you get 270 new colleagues. We specialize in many different disciplines – from administration, over production to sales, service and maintenance.

All our companies are based in Viborg, and we share a canteen. We have a joint staff association, and several of our companies work together. So, there is ample opportunity to get to know each other across the group, spar with each other and play each other better.

Here you can meet some of your future colleagues.

“I make sure people know what to do. But I am also in the production to have a feeling of how people are doing.”

Pia Halkjær
Production planner at Hydraflex

“I have always disassembled everything – bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and lawn mowers. If we have the tools for it, I can fix it.”

Jakob Smed Christensenstrong,
Machine worker at AC Motor Parts

“I help our customers with questions they have about prices, orders and leasing offers, for example. There is confidence that you are doing what you are supposed to. And I love all things that have wheels under them. So it is a perfect fit.”

Niclas Astrup
Business apprentice at NH Handling

“I originally intended to become a medical secretary or a legal secretary. When I participated in the subject business economics, I became interested in finance. It is exciting to gain insight into the company by simply looking at their accounts.”

Nina Harritz
Finance apprentice at AC Group

“My work ranges widely – from operational tasks to strategy that improves products and numbers on the bottom line. I am involved from the time we make the decisions and order the products, until the products land with us and are ready to be sold.”

Jeppe Birkedal
Product Manager at NH Handling

“Hydraflex is a good company for me. There is a short way from idea to action, and we have many new projects. Our products go in machines, so the quality has to be good.”

Andrzej Baranowski
Welder at Hydraflex

“I make sure that everything is in the right place – and is delivered to the different cutting machines that cut the different cylinders. The company has a lot to offer, and I join events in the employee association.”

Mark Karlsen
Warehouse assistant at Hydraflex

“I have learned so much here, I can use in school.”

Sofie Nia Nielsen
Industrial technician apprentice at Hydraflex

“We are good at creating job satisfaction here in the canteen – that is our most important task. Job satisfaction for me is to make people happy through food – and somehow to be able to give people an experience through food.”

Lasse Nørgaard Gudiksen
Head chef at AC Group

“It is us in the canteen who gather the company, and I think we should do that with a smile. It also helps to keep my spirits up when a party or event comes up every now and then.”

Inger Andersen
Sous-Chef at AC Group

“It is my job to make sure that everyone can do their job, and knows their tasks.”

Esben Kristensen
Plant manager at Hydraflex

“Our “Quality on Time” means that we can continuously improve our processes. I have gotten many new tasks during the recent years.”

Steen Andersen
Industrial technician and shop steward at Hydraflex

“The versatility in the production is something I am particular fond of. I make sure everyone has something to do, and that what we do match the delivery plan at the end of the week.”

Jakob Feddern
Assembly chairman at Hydraflex

“It’s not just one thing. The work tasks are diverse. And the climate is also really good. You have to do ad hoc tasks all the time – then the technicians call and goods have to be found… And things are put into structure. Such as the electronic documentation which is important for the technician to work well with the customer.”

Birgitte Egholm
Technical administration at AC Service