NEWS: Sofie Nia Nielsen from Hydraflex nominated Viborg Talent of the Year by Business Viborg

“We are very proud to see Sofie nominated. Sofie is a clear example of the value of giving young people who may not have chosen the right education in the first place, another chance. And thereby get her into an industry where she feels much more at home, and therefore can unfold her talent and be among one of the country’s most talented Industrial Technician apprentices,” says Niels Rahbek, Director of Hydraflex A/S.

MEDIA COVERAGE: Intopit director enjoys the tranquility of Viborg’s city center and around the lakes

In a series of articles, the magazine zooms in on “the other side” of the director – in this edition, you can read about Magne Jakobsen from Intopit.

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