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MEDIA COVERAGE: Electrical upgrade at NH Handling

At NH Handling, they want to be involved already in the decision-making phase, from the time the customer starts planning their stock until they receive their products and to complying with the statutory inspections.

Lager & Transport Logistikmagasinet


Junkyard – a 2 × 5 meter painting now adorns the wall of the canteen. The work is a gift from CEO Claus A. Christensen on the occasion of his 60th birthday – to himself and the company’s 270 employees.

NEWS: Sofie Nia Nielsen from Hydraflex nominated Viborg Talent of the Year by Business Viborg

“We are very proud to see Sofie nominated. Sofie is a clear example of the value of giving young people who may not have chosen the right education in the first place, another chance. And thereby get her into an industry where she feels much more at home, and therefore can unfold her talent and be among one of the country’s most talented Industrial Technician apprentices,” says Niels Rahbek, Director of Hydraflex A/S.